East Dunbartonshire Council has given its approval for Baldernock to have its own tartan, a district tartan rather than the familiar family or clan tartan. The first step is to design a tartan reflecting pride in our small parish. See tab under Community Council . . .


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Baldernock Community Council Meeting - 08/07/2019

A Tartan for Baldernock - 01/09/2019

Baldernock Primary School


There has been a school in existence at Baldernock since the 1600s, and although records of the school at that time are scarce, it is known that in 1764 the school transferred to the new location at Fleuchtar.

In 1873 a new schoolhouse was built in order to provide education for the additional pupils attending after the closure of Balmore Adventure School, as well as those from Balmore, Barraston and beyond. Baldernock Primary School is a small non-denominational, co-educational school situated in the heart of the countryside.  

The school has a working capacity for 79 children.  

Baldernock Primary School 
G64 4AS

t: 0141 955 2341

e: office@baldernock.e-dunbarton.sch.uk

w: www.baldernock.e-dunbarton.sch.uk

Check out the tabs above for information on the Parent Teacher Association and Baldernock Playgroup.  

More information on the history of the school can be found under the history section of this website.