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A Tartan for Baldernock

A Tartan for Baldernock

East Dunbartonshire Council has given its approval for Baldernock to have its own tartan, a district tartan rather than the more familiar family or clan tartan. The first step is to design a tartan that is acceptable for the Baldernock community, reflecting pride in our small parish.

Baldernock Tartan Group, under the wing of Baldernock Community Council, is looking for a design, colours and rationale, from individuals or groups with a link to Baldernock. The chosen design will be taken forward by the group.

There are two real elements to designing a tartan:

  • rationale behind the design - unique elements where the colours reflect the landscape, character, history and heritage of the district
  • pleasing pattern that is suitable in design size for any intended usage

You may wish to start from scratch, a blank sheet, or graph paper and coloured pencils, or use one of the many free computer software options available on the Internet (see below).  Six colours are the conventional maximum. Don’t worry about the actual “shades” - these can be refined at a later date. If you have a knowledge of threadcount - the DNA of a tartan, you can request details of an existing tartan that you may wish to compare, by registering on The Scottish Register of Tartans website or we can help, just get in touch: fahowie@btinternet.com or loganniall@yahoo.co.uk

 Please note the deadline for designs is 30 September 2019.  It is hoped that all designs will be displayed soon after.

It is important to include these details when you do submit your design:

Name/Group Name and address

Contact details - telephone number and/or email address

What is your link with Baldernock?

Example of tartan design

Rationale behind the choice of colours and pattern

Please include a photograph or text description; that would be great.


Tartan information and design websites:

Baldernock website www.baldernock.org.uk

The Scottish Register of Tartans

Scottish Tartans Authority Croftweaver

http://www.tartansauthority.com/tartan/tartan-today/croft-weaver-tartan- designer/

House of Tartan Interactive Tartan Weaver https://houseoftartan.co.uk/interactive/weaver

For further information, to register your interest or to submit a design, please contact:

Fiona Howie       Fluchter, Balmore Glasgow G64 4AS

e: fahowie@btinternet.com  t: 01360 620412


Niall Logan         Wester Acredyke, Balmore Glasgow G64 4AF

e: loganniall@yahoo.co.uk  t: 01360 620563


Need to print?

 PDF of these guidelines

Baldernock Tartan Poster